5 Principles Of Effective Learning For Network Marketers

The expertise to be successful in Network Marketing can take years to acquire. The good news is that the many magnificent minds of MLM have created a lot of material on the subject.

Preparing your mind to learn effectively is an excellent way to quickly retain new information. Anything you have ever learned easily was because your mind was in the proper mental state prior to learning the new information.

Network Marketing can have a large learning curve for many people. There are a few things you can do to accelerate your learning curve and grasp the subject quickly, so that you may put it into action and gain mastery.

5 Principles to Increase Your Learning Curve

We have all heard that a positive mental attitude and a relaxed state of mind are important to learning. However, many people have negative expectations about learning new information, so this is not very easy to do if you do not know the basic principles.

1) Desire

Your desire for learning the information must be personal, and aimed at the end result. You cannot effectively learn because your upline thinks you should. A willingness to follow a system for success is important, but the only way to master a subject is to posses a true desire to learn it. Many networkers often attend an event or buy a book simply to satisfy the recommendation of their upline leaders. This creates a sub-conscious belief that their education is only to please others. It is only when you have the deep desire to become more skillful will you see the the true benefits of your learning efforts.

2) Motivation

This is not about getting psyched up and excited. It is about asking yourself, “What’s in it for me? The more reasons you come up with to study the material, and learn from those who are successful, the more you will get out of the learning experience. One example of a good reason for you is to translate your new skill into potential earnings. You can pick a successful leader in your organization that has a specific skill that you would like to learn. List everything that leader has that you would like to have, and realize that you must learn what this leader knows and does in order to have the success that they have. Any leader in any business who is successful has a vested interest in their education.

3) Relevance

The more connections you make to the relevance of what you are learning and what it is that you want, the more that you will be able to retain and later apply. There are certain success factors that exist to become a successful networker in order to achieve the results that you desire. Getting intimately acquainted with these success factors and their relevance to your goals will pull you much closer to that which you desire. Not learning these success factors will cause you to struggle and achieve minimal results. Identifying relevant success factors will add to your desire and motivation to learn more, and thus, achieve more.

4) Anticipation

Looking forward to your learning experience like a child before Christmas can greatly benefit your ability to learn. Your mind will be centered on the subject and be open and ready to take in new information. By thinking of all the great things that will result from you learning the new subject, you put your mind in a state of alertness that allows you to comprehend a very large percentage of information that comes your way. It can also help to list what you hope to learn from the experience. This will cause those things to stand out as they are discussed, and you can associate them with your previous anticipation. This is an excellent resource for your memory.

5) Positive Expectation

If you expect to learn easily and get the most from your experience, then you position yourself to retain more of what you learn. You will focus on your enjoyment of the process and form an emotional bond with the subject that you are learning. By having a positive expectation of your learning experience you can easily visualize the end result, and be much more prepared to retain what is being taught.